Herbal Blends

HOLI SMOKES leads the way by applying the science of aromatic terpenes to the break-through technology of personal vaporizers. We've combined this with expertise in traditional botanical knowledge and yogic uses of concentrated aromas.

Organic compounds that make up botanical flavors & aromas are called TERPENES – e.g., menthol and limonene. We specialize in whole-plant extract flavors that are legal, safe and well-studied. Filling your vaporizer with HOLI SMOKES means you will experience a unique botanic eLiquid produced without nicotine, drugs or synthetic additives. No alcohol, gluten and sugar free - we've been called  ‘The vegans of vaping!’ (and we’re OK with that!)

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Wise Fool: Within Nature

Wise Fool: Within Nature

Primary flavors of bergamot - geranium - hyssop. Sweet & bold - hyssop is a relative of tobacco!..


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