Primary flavors of lavender- lemongrass – valerian. A best seller - sleep tight! 100% VG base and nicotine free.

Experience: Dream Time

A beautiful send off into the night. Hypnotic, deep relaxation - like staring at the moon. Use before bed or when the weight of a long day needs lifting.

Vaping Notes: Grassy lemon highs followed by earthy undertones and a lavender finish. Bold and potent.

Botanical Flavor Family: Herbaceous & Sweet Floral

Positive Attributes: Unwinding | Grounding | Softening

Chakra Correlations: Third Eye & Root

Our botanic eLiquids are comprised of Terpenes & Vegetable Glycerin -- they are 100% botanical and last much longer than most other eliquids comprised of PG and synthetic flavors. Our 7ml size can last on average 2 weeks of regular vaping.

NOTE: High sub-ohm temperatures will harshly break-up terpene and terpenoid flavors. Organic vaping works best with batteries in the 3.6-4.2 volt range and coils in the 1.5 - 2.2 ohm range.

This bioVapour product is not in any way intended for use with a nicotine product. GRAS whole plant terpenes used in our bioVapors do not mix well with nicotine.

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Moon Beams: Dream Time

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