Vaping …… Not Just for "Smokers"

-- Sonoma County Gazette

These are amazing and make my body feel good instead of inflamed like the VG/PG flavored stuff makes me feel. Thanks for creating these blends, they have taken away my desire for nicotine. :) Gratitude

-- T.P. McMinnville, Oregon

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Holi Smokes. Your smoke juice is the most incredible juice I've vaped to date. Absolutely incredible. Job well done. For those who haven't tried Holi Smokes - just buy some, and enjoy. Truly a fantastic vape.

-- F.G. Beverly Hills, California

Got my personal vaporizer the other day with the Moon Beam juice, and I absolutely love it. Just in the 2 days I've used it my cigarette consumption has gone down. Am looking forward to being a non smoker soon and to try the other types of juice.

-- D.F. Facebook Fan, Idaho

Your products are the highest quality I have ever tried. With the aid of your vaping pens I've just about quit smoking. Thanks for being so awesome and making the best products I have ever used - cheers guys n gals. Moonbeams and Monks Prayer my all time two faves.

-- C.M. Victoria, Australia

I have few Things to say - design is strikingly beautiful, Cards remind of tarot which makes it fun, materials used are finest and modern, and the liquids are delish. Could be a great Holiday gift to smoker and non-smoker. as an ex pipe smoker i can just say this is the best thing a smooth gentleman criminal or a Bond girl must have stashed. im hooked.

-- M.M., Denmark

Really loving the HOLI SMOKES Angel's Gift flavor I've been vaping on today! It fits the mellow Sunday perfectly. Been a week since I got my HOLI SMOKES starter kit and there's no going back! The various tonics are amazing to taste and feel the effects of! Definitely could not be happier, thanks HOLI SMOKES!

-- C.G., Tucson

I received the Buddha's Mirror. All I can say is WOW. This puts any other e-liquid to shame. This is about as close to smoking/vaping incense or essential oil that there is I must think. Nice job! I also suggested you to my good friends at Magus Books ( here in Minneapolis in hopes that they might consider distributing your product. Thanks!

-- I.L., Minneapolis

I quit smoking cigarettes 22 years ago and never thought about drawing smoke into my body again. When I finally allowed myself to try HOLI SMOKES, I discovered that vapor and smoke are not the same thing…in fact, far from it. I have enjoyed aroma therapy for years, and now vaping has taken me one step further. I am thoroughly enjoying all the many flavors, aromas and effects from the pleasurable activity of vaping one of the many available tonics of HOLI SMOKES. I especially like Lone Tree, Buddha’s Mirror and Sacred Sunset. Tension melts away; serenity of mind and clarity of thought are more available to me since HOLI SMOKES.

-- S.W., Tucson

Hey, I just wanted to check in to bring you up-to-speed a bit on the 'sacramental' experiences I've been having with vaping so far. I'm finding that it's a truly subtle & delightful experience when done correctly. So thanks for all the spot-on user tips & info. For me, it doesn't replace the cannabis experience, but richly augments in a very subtle way. You're definitely on to something extraordinary here with the whole idea of Holi Smokes. It's something we can easily tap into, especially when done with a sacramental attitude in mind. Thanks for continuing to lead the way.

-- S.W., Oakland

Just wanted to say thanks for sending out the HOLI SMOKES Experience, it has been awesome doing something that pre-vaping I thought wasn't me but post-vaping I am finding IS something that I can consider a part of a lifestyle that I am akin to.

-- P.T., Auckland

Just got my order today in the mail, man that was fast. I got the transcendent motif , WOW great product, it was more than I expected. It's really soothing. I love it and can't wait to try them all. I'll be back for sure. Have great day!

-- J.D., Peoria

You guys treated me very respectfully and professionally. My order was delayed due to a processing error and when I called, the situation was handled immediately. I'm enjoying my new order and the great gift you threw in for the mix-up. You've made a true customer and I will spread the word. Cheers!

-- J.H., Portland

Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived, and I'm thrilled! You'll be hearing from me again soon. I have been an herbalist for 20+ yrs and had only found a couple of liquids I would vape, due to the artificial/processed ingredients. I make and sell handmade medicinal herbal products, teach yoga, and teach about natural health, and now I have a product I feel comfortable recommending to others....Fantastic product....thanks again!

-- P.J., Oklahoma City

Hello, we bought some of your eliquids some weeks ago. At first getting use to the smell and flavor was hard, but now we are not only used but we enjoy it. I have to say that both my wife and I have a reinvigorated sex life since we started vaping your products. Our sex life was already awesome but with the aide of the vape we have experienced longer larger orgasms (both of us) not to mention extra energy to perform after very busy work days. True. Your product lasts a lot longer than the synthetic kind. We even tried an expensive Italian line of products and yours is not only better and has amazing effects but lasts much longer. I use a Pro Tank III and it has to run pretty warm to work with your juice, but it vapes just fine. But it does use a little bit more battery. Anyway all that said, both my wife and I want to thank you for your fine products, we cant wait to get to try the entire line of them. Keep the great work guys, expect many more orders from us soon.

-- R.E.H, Dallas

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