About Us

Research and development for the HOLI SMOKES line began in the summer of 2011 - just as vaping began to significantly take off in the US. However, our approach in application was of an entirely different mindset than 'e-cigarettes'. We believed that there could be an alternative to smoking  without using nicotine and providing a smarter way to "smoke" herbal blends to assist in the process. Herbs have long been a comfort to many when breaking bad habits and give support during difficult times of stress and transition. Furthermore, and in this case most importantly, we saw the immense value in vaporization technology as a direct and effective way to inhale plant compounds of therapeutic value while bypassing any harmful carcinogenic smoke. Welcome to the 21st century!

Botanic eLiquids is the production and marketing company behind our brand with offices in Dunedin, New Zealand and Portland, Oregon USA. We develop botanical extract formulations that are precisely designed for contemporary Personal Vaporizers – the inexpensive vaping technology that has taken the world by storm.

Botanic eLiquids focuses on research and development with botanic strains that are traditionally regarded around the world as highly beneficial for general human use. We use precise, proprietary processes to extract, formulate, blend and stabilize unique eLiquids comprised of all natural, botancial ingredients.

Our team has single-handedly generated the holistic field of botanic eLiquids made specifically for the wellness industry. We are top consultants to leading brands in the international Personal Vaporization technology industry.

Via an extensive OEM program, Botanic eLiquids will formulate, produce, bottle, label, package, and even fully brand, market and/or drop-ship your own herbal eLiquid for private label. We love to work with health conscious industry leaders that have sales channels waiting for the Real Deal.

Along with the original 15 HOLI SMOKES Vaping Tonic Formulas, Botanic eLiquids has brought to market a range of vaporizing products, including most recently the world’s first Premium KavaKava eLiquid line. We are reintegrating good folk everywhere with the benefits of traditional herbs and their flavorful, aromatic terpenes. 

Private label inquires email: service@botaniceliquids or visit www.botaniceliquids.com.